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From an SNL parody to Conan O’Brien’s strange spoof, the latest Chanel No. 5 ad is getting mocked relentlessly by the media. But who better to lampoon Pitt than a pooch? Today’s post brought to you by “sometimes anthrozoology is just a dog and a voice-over.”
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The Yellow Dog Project
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Dang, girl! What’s with those stripes? A team of researchers say they’ve pinpointed the gene that gives domestic cats their tabby markings. The gene, called Taqpep for short, together with several other genes create the design of the domestic cat’s coat. Kitties with a working copy of the gene get the standard stripes pattern while those cats with a mutation get the blotchy look. The Associated Press reports on the findings, which are detailed in the September 2012 issue of Science.
Separate but related: adorable pics of goslings and kittens by British photographer Mark Taylor.
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My find of today - arm knitting! Know that’s a type of knitting I’d try myself. I will give advance warning however, so you can come and untangle me from the mess I will make! 
Gives the phrase “I’m just going to the my knitting out!” a whole new perspective…
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Why sex could be history
From artificial wombs to men and women being able to reproduce entirely alone, Aarathi Prasad says science is rewriting the rules of sex and human reproduction. What would that mean for our ideas of family and parenthood?
Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian